Mealworms with yoghurt and bee vomit (aka honey) from Stefan Gates’ Extraordinary Snack Box at the Experimental Food Society event last weekend.

Also in his box were: lambs testicles (delicious), gilded sausages, jellyfish salad (nice but I’ve had it before), and space dust. Fun, interesting, tasty and educational. As I was hoping the rest of the event would be - but sadly, no. Cue big farty Family Fortunes wrong answer noise.

Stefan’s lunchbox was easily the best thing in a rather disappointing event. It should have been renamed the Spectacular Sugar Sculpture society, cos that’s what most of the displays were. I wanted more tastings, more activites, and more variety, please!

Only a fiver for a ticket but I still felt rather ripped off.

Mealworms were delish, though. Kind of sesame seedy.

They’re pretty hard to find if you want to try them for yourself and aren’t happy eating birdfood. I’ve found a couple of sites that sell ‘human-grade’ BBQ flavour mealworms - they might go better with, say, yoghurt and maple syrup or a savoury creamy dip.

Try here or here.


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