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Afternoon tea fans! Do you want to indulge in some of the finest cakes known to London, served by lovely ladies in beautiful vintage gowns, all for the amazing price of £5!

You do? Of course you do. Well, head over to…

…hand over as much dosh as your heart and purse will allow and reward yourself with the lightest scones, the moistest sponge and the daintiest cucumber sandwiches.

Afternoon tea in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care
3-5pm, Sat 30 July
Avo Hotel, 82 Dalston Lane, London E8
020 3490 5061

As I was heading out this morning a lovely man appeared as if by magic, bearing a box.

What was inside?


Sweet-strawberry-stuffed fluffy and still warm at heart.

£1 each. I only had a fiver. He only had one pound change. I bought four.

As you can see, there are two in the photo.

You do the delicious, sweet, naughty naughty math.

Hopefully my mystery cupcake man will return and I will get his details to post here in case my dear readers would also like a magic morning cupcake moment.