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Giving Dalston finger-lickers an ethical alternative

Challenging the chick-pizz hegemony, a group of idealistic chicken lovers want to give Dalston finger-lickers an ethical alternative for their fried chick-dins by establishing the first free-range fried chicken shop in the UK.

In their own words “We are here to serve people who love fried chicken but hate how and what it’s made from.” As well as cruelty-free, free-range fried chicken, they’ll be dishing up alternatives to fries, such as mash and rice.

I think it’s a great idea and hopefully will encourage locals to think more about eating a bit more healthily and with more consideration for how what they eat is made and where it comes from.

They’ll be offering at-cost school’s out specials to catch the kids on their way home, train local youth to work in the shop and offer them mentoring if they want a catering career, plus they’ll give a portion of profits to local youth charities.

A ten quid donation here gives you a free chicken dinner that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy rather than greasy and queasy. Bargain.