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Found this in our bag of delicious shrimp from Tom Disson at George’s Plaice on the Roman Road.

Another surprise to add to the delight of finding this, “the last old fish shop in the East End”. This description comes from the Gentle Author, who tells the tale of Tom and his stall so much better than I ever could, here.

Our haul also included the tastiest whelks I’ve ever had and a plump pickled herring with sweet, sweet onions.

Get down there and take some time to chat with Tom, while you decide between the crab, cockles and jellied eels. He’s got over thirty years’ worth of fishmongering stories to tell you…

George’s Plaice, 486 Roman Road, London E3 5LU

Sustainable sardines

Having lived in a country seemingly dedicated to single-handedly decimating the oceans’ seafood stocks, it’s a relief to walk into your local health food store and see this…

I found these at Mother Earth on Albion Rd, N16. For other stockists see

Sustainable seafood is a pretty knotty issue. I’ve been to two sustainable seafood conferences - at the first, conservationists basically shrugged and said, well, red tuna’s a goner, too late folks, and at the second the Tesco rep shrugged and said, our customers care about price, not sustainability. So, pretty depressing, and even deciding what counts as sustainable is difficult, but Fish4Ever is probably one of the best as-close-to-sustainable-as-you-can-get brands out there. So if you only buy one can of sardines today, make them these!